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Rosaria Vincis
Rosaria Vincis
12 Feb 2016
Wow Linda I am so so impressed with your work. The Bandeux is just absolutely perfect, I purchased Swarovski necklace and earrings ... more
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Nutcracker Ballet

by tiaras4dance on 23 Sep 2016
Nutcracker Ballet A little about the Ballet http://www.tiaras4dance.com.au/c/4351545/1/nutcracker-ballet-tiaras.html Act I ………….The party grows late and the children become sleepy. As Clara’s family checks on her Nutcracker one last time and ends up falling asleep under the Christmas tree with the Nutcracker in her arms.   At midnight Clara wakes, the house, the tree and the toys seem to be getting larger. Is she shrinking? Out of nowhere large mice dressed in army uniforms, lead by the Mouse King, circle the room while the toys and Christmas tree come to life. Clara’s Nutcracker groups the soldier toys into battle formation and fights the mouse army.  The Nutcracker is able to overcome the stunned Mouse King and claims victory. Clara falls onto the Nutcracker’s bed.  The bed turns into a magical sleigh.  The Nutcracker is transformed into a human prince . He gets on Clara’s sleigh and drives through a snowy forest where the snowflakes turn into dancing maidens. Act II After their magical journey through the snow forest, they come to their destination in the Land of Sweets. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy. As they reenact the night’s events, the Sugar Plum Fairy becomes impressed with Clara’s bravery and the Nutcracker’s heroism. In their honor, the Sugar Plum Fairy takes them inside the Candy Castle and throws a lavish festival. They are treated like royalty and presented with every imaginable sweet. Shortly thereafter, the dancing begins. A handsome Cavalier enters the scene and escorts the Sugar Plum Fairy to the centre of the room. They dance to the most recognizable song in the entire work. The captivating pair dance lighter than air. This beautiful dance completes Clara’s most perfect evening. Clara wakes up the next morning under the Christmas tree with her Nutcracker still in her arms.

Tiaras 4 Fairies "Ocean Sparkles"

by tiaras4dance on 26 May 2015
What an amazing autumn day!  A day where you just want to take a walk and experience the soft feel of the autumn sun and slight chill on the breeze, on this brilliant blue day.   Off I go for a midday walk down to the local beach and over the headland.  I decide to stop at the top of the headland, as the ocean was particularly sparkly and dancing in the brilliant sun.  I was also hoping to see whales!   The ocean seemed to be extra bright today and before I could blink I noticed the sparkles in the ocean were actually dancing.    Oh dear, on closer inspection I think my cheeky little garden fairies were down below, collecting “Ocean Sparkles”.  I had heard that on certain days in autumn, where the sun was high in the sky and not encumbered by clouds, the fairies harvest their white sparkles to help them through the winter months.  What a privilege to see this rare event!  The leader seemed to be my little white fairy or Lily as I call her.    But how did the fairies get down to the ocean?  I didn’t even know they left our back garden near the creek.   As they danced in the ocean I could see them forming a circle or a crown.  Once they had finished I could see them flying back to where I was standing.  I definitely needed my sun glasses as the crown was so brilliant.  I just wanted to touch their creation.  How are we going to get the crown home I asked the fairies? The tiny fairies filled my pockets with the extra “Ocean Sparkles and placed the crown on my head.   Who was I to complain! Mrs Wendy Clarke Tiaras 4 Fairies: http://tiaras4dance.com.au/c/4542212/1/tiaras-4-fairies.html Mobile: 0415 503 852

Tiaras 4 Fairies up to mischief

 by tiaras4dance on 01 May 2015 |
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I came home yesterday to a mess of sparkly beads and charms strewn across the house from one end to the other.  What had happened???
After much investigation it became clear that the fairies, from down in the back garden, near the creek, had found a way in to the house, leaving a trail of pink dust and dirt and obviously had been hard at work in my beads! 
I noticed the fairies had been getting up to more mischief lately, no doubt due to the turbulent weather and change of season.  Winter was not their favourite season.
That aside, the main fairy Isabella tugged at my skirt as I came through the front door.  The fairies seemed pretty excited and extra cheeky, and my curiosity got the better of me so I followed them, down through the gum trees, over the muddy creek bed to an old tree stump.    There on the old tree stump was the most brilliant and colourful fairy crown I have seen them make.  Off course I had to put it on, with the help of the tiny fairies. 
What magic and mischief could I get up to today with my new fairy crown?

Mrs Wendy Clarke
Tiaras 4 Fairies: http://tiaras4dance.com.au/c/4542212/1/tiaras-4-fairies.html
Mobile: 0415 503 852


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